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runDisney's 2015 schedule hints at major changes to Hollywood Studios

Oct 14th 2014 at 8:41

runDisney updated their website over the weekend with the 2015/16 events calendar, which strongly suggests major changes coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in the near future!

We're all thinking it, and we all know it - Hollywood Studios, like Epcot is in major need of an update. We've been reporting on various rumors and rumblings within the Disney community about a planned major upgrade to the park. We've even been given timelines numerous times from different sources, that cite Hollywood Studios as getting a major refurb in 2015/16 and Epcot's FutureWorld being "Reimagined" in 2017/18. 

At this point it doesn't really come as a shock. It's more of a case of waiting for something official from Disney, and we may about to move closer to that.

With the release of the runDisney events calendar for 2015/16, one notable omission from the calendar was the extremely popular (and always sold out) Tower of Terror 10 Miler. It's usually held in October, but according to the calendar released, it's not happening at all in 2015 or 2016.

If this omission is because of planned works at Hollywood Studios, they must be pretty huge for it to require the complete cancelation of such a popular annual event, and especially for two years. 

It's long been known that the park must be getting a major update, however right now we're even hearing that large areas of park will end up being mostly closed. The recent closure of the Studio Backlot Tour was the first indication of the major upgrade being imminent.

We've not seen this many rumors and thoughts flying around for a long time. We're pretty confident at this stage that there's a significant plan in store for Hollywood Studios. Work on Hollywood Studios would all but confirm upcoming work on Epcot, as we've now had a major expansion to Magic Kingdom, in the form of "New Fantasyland", and right now Animal Kingdom's major expansion in the form of "Avatarland" is underway. If the trend continues, we'll see a major expansion to Hollywood Studios, and presumably the redevelopment of Future World over in Epcot.

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