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Extra Magic Hours Information

What are Extra Magic Hours?

Extra Magic Hours, or 'EMH' is where Disney parks offer longer opening hours exclusive to those staying on-site. The basic idea is that if you are paying to stay at a Disney resort, you get a perk of being allowed in the park when the general public are not there, meaning its much quieter.

Generally a park will open 1 hour before its standard opening time, or up to 3 hours after its closing time. This is offered only on certain days, and these change regularly. During peak season, parks have been known to open up to 2 hours early as part of Extra Magic Hours, however this is rarely offered.

Which parks have Extra Magic Hours during my Vacation?

Take a look at our park hours page to see which parks are offering extra magic hours.

Are all attractions open during Extra Magic Hours?

No. Whilst most rides do open, some less popular ones or ones that require a larger number of cast members to operate may not open. You'll usually find more attractions are open for evening Extra Magic Hours than morning ones, as the attractions have already been running.