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Rafiki's Planet Watch - Animal Kingdom

Rafiki’s Planet Watch is the only land in the park that isn’t connected to Discovery Island, instead to get to Rafiki’s Planet Watch guests board the Wildlife Express Train in the Harambe Village in Africa, you then take a short journey through to Plant Watch. The full journey is a1.2 mile round-trip.

At Rafiki’s Planet Watch, guests first encounter Habitat Habit!, where you will see cottontop tamarines and learn all about Disney’s efforts to help prevent these endangered primates from becoming extinct.

Next up is Conservation Station, which showcases a number of conservation efforts that Disney take part in to protect rare and endangered animals. It also gives you a small preview of the behind the scenes work that goes into looking after the animals at Animal Kingdom. There are a number of animals inside the Conservation Station main building, most of which are reptiles. Outside is a small petting zoo area with sheep, goats and other domesticated animals.

This is the only land in the park that doesn’t have any restaurants. There is just one shop in this area; Out of the Wild, offering a range of typical Disney Animal Kingdom merchandise. 

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