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Hollywood Boulevard - Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Boulevard is located just inside the park. Reminiscent of Main Street, USA it features a circular town-square style entrance, leading up a road. However there are a lot of notable differences. Firstly, like much of the park it is themed to look like a typical street from the 1950’s. In the lower end of the street, near the park entrance you’ll find a Stroller Rental building, designed to look like a gas station (‘Oscars Super Service’), just next to that is a refreshment stand offering cold drinks.

On the other side of the road is ‘Sid Cahuengas One Of A Kind Antiques And Curios’, selling a range of unique autographed movie goods. You’ll also find all the usual’s that you’d expect to see at the park entrance such as guest relations and an information booth.

As you walk up the street, you’ll find shops on either side. These generally sell the standard Disney merchandise, however you’ll find its aimed more towards ‘The Movies’ and the Movie Golden Age.

About 3/4 of the way up the road there is a turning to the left, you can go down here to cut through Echo Lake to get to Star Tours and Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. At the end of the street is the iconic Sorcerer’s Hat, which actually doubles as a gift shop, where you can buy your own Sorcerer hat!

This isn’t it for Hollywood Boulevard. Behind the sorcerer had is The Great Movie Ride where you board a moving theater cart and travel through classic film scenes and Hollywood moments.

From the end of Hollywood Boulevard, you can either go right, down Sunset Boulevard, or go to the right of The Great Movie ride to get to Mickey Avenue, Animation Courtyard and Pixar Place. Alternatively if you go left at the hat, you’ll be in Commissary Lane, which goes through to the Streets of America.

Hollywood Boulevard only has a single restaurant, The Hollywood Brown Derby which offers a sit-down dining service with steak, seafood, chicken and the famous Brown Derby Cobb salad, in addition to a range of deserts. An advanced reservation is highly recommended, as this is a popular restaurant.

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