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Adventureland - Magic Kingdom

Take a tropical jungle, a middle-eastern marketplace and a desert oasis and you’ve got Adventureland. Whilst Adventureland has multiple themes, Disney ultimately blends them very well to create a land that contains two of the parks most popular attractions, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jungle Cruise. These two attractions make up for some aged and less appealing attractions such as the Swiss Family Treehouse and the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

Adventureland is likely going to be the first place you go once you get to the park. From the end of Main Street, USA you take a left turn over a narrow bridge. You’ll likely miss all the subtle detail that has gone into the lands entrance, as during busy times you’ll be dodging the strollers!

Once you get into Adventureland, you’ll notice that it has some of the best shops in the parks, with branded clothes for the teenagers as well as a great selection of tropical clothing (Who doesn’t have a bold Hawaiian Shirt?!).

Adventureland is also home to Aloha Isle, a small snack kiosk that serves the famous Dole Whip, a pineapple ice cream float, freshly made. These are delicious drinks for a hot day. They also serve Coke Floats and Root Beer Floats. Whilst you can also get these inside the Polynesian Resort, they are much better (and bigger!) at Aloha Isle.

Towards the other end of Adventureland, right before the entrance to Frontier Land is Pirates of the Caribbean, an adventurous boat ride staring Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa himself! 

Finally, is the Jungle Cruise, perhaps one of the funniest rides in the Magic Kingdom. It’s a 10 minute tour around four continents, where your tour guide will take you through a windy river with Hippo’s, Lions, Zebras, Snakes and more.


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