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It's Tough to be a Bug!

Discovery Island, Animal Kingdom

Opening Date: April 22nd, 1998
Ride Length: 8 minutes Minimum Height: N/A
Handicapped Access: Guests in wheelchairs and ECV's can remain in them. Reflective captioning, assistive listening and audio description devices offered.
Fastpass: No Rider Swap: No
Attraction Type(s): 4D Movie


It's Tough to be a Bug is located inside the Tree of Life, on Discovery Island. It is an 8 minute '4D' movie staring Flick and Hopper from the 1998 Disney-Pixar movie, "A Bug's Life".

Guests enter the queue area from the front-end of Discovery Island and proceed through an outside queue area that passes around the sides of the Tree of Life, with its roots exposed, covered in carvings of animals. Take a moment to appreciate the fantastic detail that you can see in the Tree of Life, even up close. As you get to the base of the Tree of Life, you go through a turnstile into a holding area, where you'll hear many well know songs being 'hummed' by beas. 

Finally, it'll be time to enter the main theater. Guests sit on theater chairs made to look like wooden planks, and face a large projected 3D screen for the show. 

The show itself is aimed to show humans that it's really hard to be a small bug, with the ever present threat of being crushed by a human. The show demonstrates some great special effects with the use of smells and water (dont worry, you wont get soaked on this one!). We'll not ruin it for you by giving away too much, but we do recommend that you go and watch It's Tough to be a Bug, its a funny, enjoyable show. 

Despite it being located in the park's centerpiece it's rarely very busy and you can usually get in on the next show, which is never longer than 8 minutes away.

Small kids may find it a bit scary. Some scenes are dark and feature things like spiders dropping from the roof, and a giant Hopper audio-animatronic!

It's Tough to be a Bug! Ride Tips

When the park opens, It's Tough to be a Bug is usually the first attraction people see, and head right to it. Go to another area of the park such as Asia and come back later to avoid having to queue.

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