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World Showcase, Epcot

Opening Date: July 5th, 1988
Ride Length: 4.5 minutes Minimum Height: N/A
Handicapped Access: Wheelchair guests must transfer. Handheld Captioning, Reflective Captioning and Assistive Listening Devices available.
Fastpass: Yes Rider Swap: Yes
Attraction Type(s): Water Coaster

Maelstrom is an attraction located in the Norway Pavilion of the World Showcase. You board a 16-passenger Viking Boat that takes you through a 10th century Viking village and through a mythical forest, where you encounter Trolls who set a curse on your boat. The boat then starts going backwards before arriving at a waterfall, and then starts going forwards. 

Your boat then takes you past a grand fjord and then through a storm past a North Sea oil rig. Finally as you exit you are in a Norwegian style village. You go through into a theater area that shows a film all about Norway. For those not interested in watching this, you can still go through the exit, which takes you into a Norway themed shop, offering stereotypical Norwegian gifts such as Viking Horn hats and model trolls. 

Maelstrom Ride Tips

If 'Reflections of China' has just ended, you'll find Maelstrom can get busy. It's best to wait a few minutes if you see a crowd there as it quickly clears.

Maelstrom Location