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The American Adventure

World Showcase, Epcot

Opening Date: October 1st, 19823
Ride Length: 30 minutes Minimum Height: N/A
Handicapped Access: Wheelchair accessible. Reflective captioning available. Audio description devices available.
Fastpass: No Rider Swap: No
Attraction Type(s): Movie

In typical Disney style, The American Adventure is a patriotic show set in a colonial Philadelphia style brick build building. The show is a 'sanitized' version of the history of the United States of America, narrated by an audio-animatronic Mark Twain, accompanied by Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. 

The show is a little strange with mixed reviews. Whilst some Americans find it to be a bit of an embarrassment, some also feel it's an accurate representation. The overall consensus however is that Disney have 'watered down' the show so as not to get into too much detail on the darker points of American history. 

You usually have no problem getting into the show. It gets a little busier between 1:30 and 3:30 PM however rarely fills up completely. The maximum wait time never really goes above 40 minutes during peak season.

Non-Americans will likely find this attraction to be a bit boring.

The American Adventure Location