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Turtle Talk with Crush

Future World, Epcot

Opening Date: November 16th, 2004
Ride Length: 17 minutes Minimum Height: N/A
Handicapped Access: Guests in wheelchairs and ECV's can remain in them. Audio description devices available.
Fastpass: No Rider Swap: No
Attraction Type(s): Interactive Movie

Turtle Talk with Crush uses the same technology Disney used in Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor in the Magic Kingdom. It is an interactive theater show staring the 153 year old turtle from Finding Nemo. The show quickly turned into a surprising interactive show as Crush has full blown conversations with guests in the audience. 

The show uses advanced real-time computer graphics to move Crush's mouth when forming words, and a voice actor hidden out of sight who can see where the guest is and 'point' Crush at them whilst talking. The effect is phenomenal and really gives off the impression that Crush is talking directly to the guest.

The show is mostly improvised conversation, and sometimes other characters from Finding Nemo can make an appearance. The great thing about the show is that it's different every time you visit!

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