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Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

Echo Lake, Hollywood Studios

Opening Date: December 15th, 1989
Ride Length: 7 minutes Minimum Height: N/A
Handicapped Access: ECV users must transfer to a regular wheelchair then to the ride vehicle. Video captioning available.
Fastpass: Yes Rider Swap: Yes
Attraction Type(s): Simulation, Movie


Star Tours: The Adventure Continues is based on the Star Wars movie series and is a motion-simulator ride. The ride takes you into the Star Wars universe where you're about to take part in a pod race in Ben-Hur. Though once airborne it turns out that you are harboring a Rebel spy. At this point all we can say is that you will enjoy the ride. There are 54 different combinations, so you'll probably never have the same storyline if you ride a few times during your vacation!

Some of the story lines have you landing on Hoth, Kashyyyk, Naboo and feature characters such as Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Admiral Ackbar, Princess Leia and even Darth Vader. 

The story is always set between the two film trilogies.

The ride is certainly much better than the old 80's style ride used prior to the 2011 refurbishment. The queue area and ride cars remain pretty much the same, but the motion-simulators are now 3D and by adding the random story lines in, help to make the ride much more enjoyable.

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