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Studio Backlot Tour

Streets of America, Hollywood Studios

Opening Date: May 1st, 1989
Ride Length: 30 minutes Minimum Height: N/A
Handicapped Access: Guests in wheelchairs and ECV's can remain in them. Handheld captioning, Video captioning and audio description devices available.
Fastpass: No Rider Swap: Yes
Attraction Type(s): Ride Through, Tour

The Studio Backlot Tour started out as a tour around the working studios, and included a film, TV and production facility in addition to a walking tour. As the studios expanded, they needed the space for new attractions, and since there is now very little real production at the studios, a lot of the sets were demolished. 

Now, the studio tour takes you on a walking tour that starts at the edge of the back lot. The our goes through to a water tank set where movie technicians show you how they create the illusions of rain and sea effects. Following this, you board a tram to go around the backlot. The tram goes past production and shop buildings and then stops at the wardrobe and crafts shop, where costumes, sets and props are designs, created and stored. Staff continue to work as the tram goes through an undercover tunnel through the building. 

Next the tram takes you through to a western canyon setting, 'Catastrophe Canyon'. Here they demonstrate special effects including a thunderstorm, earthquake and an oil-field fire followed by a flash flood. 

Whilst this is still a good ride, its certainly a disappointment when compared to what it used to be. Lights, Motors, Action took up a lot of space that was used for the Studio Tour, and as a result it's lost it's former appeal. We do advise you visit the tour though as its still certainly worth at least one trip around.

You'll usually find the wait times to be no more than 10-15 minutes. It's advisable you ride before 5PM as the workshops generally close for the day after this.

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