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Space Mountain

Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

Opening Date: January 15th, 1975
Ride Length: 3 minutes Minimum Height: 44"
Handicapped Access: ECV users must transfer to a regular wheelchair,and then out of the wheelchair to the ride car.
Fastpass: Yes Rider Swap: Yes
Attraction Type(s): Steel Roller Coaster, Dark Ride, High Speed

Space Mountain is the Magic Kingdoms top attraction. Located inside a giant futuristic white building, guests board the rocket shaped roller coaster cars and are then taken up a chain lift hill with the typical 'clickerty clack' that you hear on most coasters. Once at the top you're literally at the peak of the building, which is deceptively huge. You them fly and zip around the space themed attraction. Whilst the ride does only get up to 28.7 mph, it feels a lot faster due to the fast turns and drops. 

Whilst there are no loops of sharp drops, the ride is much more windy due to it being based on a wild-mouse style design. It is however much faster and fun than Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but certainly tamer than Rock 'n' RollerCoaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Space Mountain isn't to be missed, however if you are riding with young ones you may wish to ease them in with a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad first as the darkness of Space Mountain may put them off roller coasters completely.

You'll want to get a Fastpass for this attraction as it gets very busy and the queue area extends inside the dome a fair amount so can be deceiving from the outside.

Space Mountain has a minimum height requirement of 44", however that shouldn't stop adults with children riding. Disney offer a 'rider swap' which is where you get in the queue with your partner and child and when you see the first cast member, ask to ride swap or switch off. They will then let one of the cast members ahead know whilst you continue to queue. When you get further along, a cast member will basically explain what will happen - one of you will proceed to the ride, whilst the other stays with your child. When the first adult returns, a cast member will take them over some stares back to the queue area to meet you. The second adult then rides and meets you in the unloading area. You can do this at many of Disney's larger attractions.

Space Mountain Location