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Walt Disney World Monthly Weather Averages

The Floridian weather is well known for being completely unpredictable. One minute it can be blazing hot sunshine, the next minute you won't be able to even see past your car windshield from all the rain! One great thing is that generally, on a hot day it'll rain VERY heavily for about 30 minutes in the early afternoon, then it'll be sunny again. During the summer, the rain can be a welcomed interruption to the heat.

We've put together the table below which shows you the average temperatures and rainfall. This is based on averages from several years and is by no means a guarantee of what the weather will be like. It can however be a useful tool when planning your Walt Disney World vacation.

Month Average High Average Low Mean Temperature Average Rainfall
January 71°F / 22°C 49°F / 9°C 60°F / 15.5°C 2.35" / 59.7mm
February 74°F / 23°C 52°F / 11°C 63°F / 17°C 2.47" / 62.7mm
March 78°F / 26°C 56°F / 13°C 67°F / 19.5°C 3.77" / 95.8mm
April 83°F / 28°C 60°F / 16°C 71.5°F / 22°C 2.68" / 68.1mm
May 88°F / 31°C 66°F / 19°C 77°F / 25°C 3.45" / 87.6mm
June 91°F / 33°C 72°F / 22°C 81.5°F / 27.5°C 7.58" / 192.5mm
July 92°F / 33°C 74°F / 23°C 83°F / 28°C 7.27" / 184.7mm
August 92°F / 33°C 74°F / 23°C 83°F / 28°C 7.13" / 181.1mm
September 90°F / 32°C 73°F / 23°C 81.5°F / 27.5°C 6.06" / 153.9mm
October 85°F / 29°C 66°F / 19°C 75.5°F / 24°C 3.31" / 84.1mm
November 79°F / 26°C 59°F / 15°C 69°F / 20.5°C 2.17" / 55.1mm
December 73°F / 23°C 52°F / 11°C 62.5°F / 17°C 2.58" / 65.5mm

Weather Tips

  • Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through to November 30.
  • From mid-August to mid-October is considered to be the peak time for hurricane activity.
  • Summer is generally considered very wet in Florida, however don't let that statistic change your plans. 
  • Most rainfall over the summer lasts under 30 minutes per day, and is very heavy (hence why the statistics show it as having the highest rainfall).