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Tough to be a Bug re-opens.

May 1st 2012 at 11:49


Tough to be a Bug re-opened yesterday after being closed for a week due to am emergency closure. A small branch from The Tree of Life, which Tough to be a Bug is housed under, fell. These branches are made from metal, concrete and other tough materials, so park engineers had to take a look and ensure that the structure was safe, and to determine the cause. While no official reason (or even acknowledgement of the issue) has been provided, it does appear that they are still not 100% sure what happened. Large nets have been placed around the tree in areas they suspect may be at possible risk and work continues around the tree. 

It's likely that they will be checking every joint on the tree to ensure they are not damaged.

Other areas around the tree are still currently closed, this included the animal trails and Kid's Discovery Club.

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