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Bistro de Paris set to reopen in December with a new menu

Aug 14th 2012 at 17:08

Epcot's Bistro de Paris located in the France Pavilion is currently close, and is set to re-open on December 1 2012. Disney provided some details , noting that upon reopening, the restaurant will feature a completely new menu along with all new interior decor. 

The official Disney Parks Blog conducted an interview with Jermoe Bocuse, owner of the three restaurants in the France Pavilion.

What’s the biggest change guests will see in the new upstairs restaurant? 

Jerome Bocuse: It’s all new – new name, new dining room, new costumes for the servers, new menu. We’re still aiming for haute cuisine, but with a less formal atmosphere. Guests are in the park with their families, so we want to create an elegant, nice ambience, but not stuffy. Our guests want to experience true French cuisine. 

Tell us a little about the new décor. 

JB: Servers will be in less formal attire – no more tuxedoes – and the room colors will be fresh and bright. The theme is our family history, as we’ve been in the culinary business for two centuries. We have a long tradition of French chefs in the Bocuse family. 

And cuisine? 

JB: We want to offer a taste of the true cuisine of France – classical, but with an approachable, affordable twist. We brought a chef over about a year ago from a Michelin 3-Star restaurant in France, so he’s ready to go. 

Bistro de Paris has lots of fans, why change the restaurant now? 

JB: We’ve never changed the restaurant since it opened more than 25 years ago, and it’s time for a new look and new theming based on our family’s history. 

How about the Chefs de France downstairs, any changes? 

JB: It is a classic brasserie, and will stay the same.

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