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Main Street Bakery reopens today as a Starbucks location

Jun 18th 2013 at 4:22

Main Street Bakery closed in January for a conversion into the first Starbucks location inside a Walt Disney World Theme Park. Today it re-opens and there are a number of notable changes to expect. 

The folks over at WDWMagic have compiled some information on what we can expect to see:

Menu & Offerings

  • It's expected that the full Starbucks drinks menu will be on offer (view it here), in addition to special drinks exclusive to Walt Disney World. This is likely to include different blends of flavors mixed together.
  • The popular Cinnamon Roles will no longer be sold. Gaston's Tavern sells a very similar Cinnamon Role, and will continue to do so.
  • Four hot breakfast options will be on offer until 11:00am. This consists of three sandwiches and a vegetarian wrap. Cold sandwiches will be offered as a 'grab and go' option.

Operational Info

  • Starbucks gift cards and mobile applications will work for purchases just like they do in any other Starbucks location.
  • My Starbucks Rewards aren't redeemable, however you do still collect your points.
  • There will no longer be any indoor seating, making this a take-away option only (hot tip: walk to the end of Main Street and take a right, there's plenty of seating in front of the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor which is rarely used in the mornings).
  • All drinks will be offered as a snack credit for those on the Disney Dining Plan. This could make them some of the best value snack credits on Disney property. It's likely that it wont include any extras (e.g extra flavorings, toppings, etc) and that these will be charged at the standard menu price.
  • Only Starbucks drinks will be on offer before 11:00am. After 11:00am Disney snacks will be available.

Based on the above information there will no doubt be a few people upset about the removal of the Cinnamon Rolls, and the lack of indoor seating, given how popular it would be every morning. Because none of the traditional baked goods will be on offer before 11:00am, it'll mean people will need to head into the Enchanted Forest if they want any of these types of items.

Typically this seems like it has been done to get people into the new area of the park, which could actually turn out to be very beneficial as statistics show that most people turn left at the end of Main Street, into Adventureland, leaving Fantasyland and Tomorrowland relatively quiet for most of the morning.

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