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Splash Mountain

Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Opening Date: October 2nd, 1992
Ride Length: 10.5 minutes Minimum Height: 40"
Handicapped Access: Wheelchair guests must transfer.
Fastpass: Yes Rider Swap: Yes
Attraction Type(s): Water Coaster, Animatronic Show

Splash Mountain is one of the parks main attractions. Based on the 1946 Walt Disney film, 'Songs of the South' the ride follows Brer Rabbit as he tries to find his laughing place. Unfortunately Brer Fox has other plans and tries to capture Brer Rabbit with the help of Brer Bear. 

The attraction starts with a long queue area that goes down through a cave to the loading area where Brer Frog provides instructions. You sit 2 to a row in a log flume style boat (each boat takes up to 8 people). The river pushes your boat to a chain-lift before you gently cruise around the outside of the mountain, hearing the laughing place 'How do you do?' songs along with several audio-animatronics. You then go down a short drop on "Slippin' Falls" where you enter the indoor portion of the ride. Here you see tens of different audio-animatronics singing and dancing to the music, such as geese, frogs and opossums. There are several scenes along the way featuring the three main characters of the ride; Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bare.

You then make a double-drop down a dark tunnel into the laughing place, where the music continues with singing turtles and dancing water features. The final scene shows Brer Rabbit being caught  by Brer Fox in a cave. Before ascending up a hill you pass two vultures who taunt riders.

When you get to the top of the hill, the log boat drops down a 52-foot hill at a 45 degree angle, reaching 40mph (your photo is taken here from the left of your boat…smile!). If this didn't soak you then once you get around the corner at the bottom, you'll likely get splashed by a fountain that fires when the next log boat comes down the hill! 

You now go up a slightly smaller incline where you'll enter "Doo Dah Landing". The attractions main song "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" is being sung by the critters in celebration of Brer Rabbits safe return. Brer Fox and Brer Bear can be seen trying to fend off an Alligator.

When you leave the ride, you walk through to a photo point where you can see and purchase the snap of you going down the mountain in your log boat!

Splash mountain is not to be missed, its one of the best attractions in the park. You'll want to wear a poncho on a cold day though as there is about a 85% chance that you'll get soaked otherwise.

Splash Mountain Ride Tips

Splash Mountain can get VERY busy. The best time to visit is either right at park opening, or during afternoon or evening parades. A fastpass is highly recommended.

If you just cant beat the crowds  on a busy summers day, grab a fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad next door. By the time you've been around Splash Mountain it'll likely be time to use that fastpass!

Splash Mountain Location