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Information on AVATAR land provided

Mar 31st 2012 at 7:38

Animal Kingdom's chief Imagineer Joe Rohde gave a brief interview with the official Disney Parks blog where he details a few thoughts on the upcoming AVATAR land. It was thought that the project may have stalled as nobody from Disney had commented on it for some time, however this recent post shows that they are still planning on going ahead with the new land.

From the Disney Parks Blog:

When I think about the AVATAR story and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I see the value systems that underlie both. We have the opportunity to tell that story in a way that will make the AVATAR experience feel like a natural part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
All of us who are designers have an opportunity to take the work we are given and make it something unexpected. That’s how we help the company to grow and expand into new areas.
This follows comments made by Disney CEO, Bob Iger earlier this month during the Walt Disney Company shareholders meeting where he reaffirmed that AVATAR land will be coming to Animal Kingdom, and should be ready to open in 2015.


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