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Festival of the Lion King

Camp Minnie-Mickey, Animal Kingdom

Opening Date: April 22nd, 1998
Ride Length: 30 minutes Minimum Height: N/A
Handicapped Access: Guests in wheelchairs and ECV's can remain in them. Handheld captioning and assistive listening devices available.
Fastpass: No Rider Swap: No
Attraction Type(s): Live Show


The Festival of the Lion King is a 30 minute live show located in Camp Minnie-Mickey. The show is based on the Lion King animated Disney films and is set in a large round theater. Guests sit on bench seats in a circle around the performing area while the show takes place in the middle. This means that no matter where you sit in the theater, you'll have a spectacular view.

Guests seating areas are split into different sections by cast members who allocate you an animal cheer, and on command you're supposed to make the sound of the animal assigned to your group.

The Festival of the Lion King is the most popular show at the Animal Kingdom. It uses virtual explosions of color, music and some fantastic talent to create a highly enjoyable experience. You'll hear a number of songs from the Lion King movie, performed by top singers. Acrobatics perform on moving platforms, and you'll see large audio-animatronic elephants and giraffes roaming around the room. The finale features a heart warming rendition of the 'Circle of Life'.

Festival of the Lion King Ride Tips

The show can get very busy. You have to queue up outside in an un-shaded area. We recommend going for the first show of the day, or one of the last two shows in the eveningas there will be around a 40 minute wait during the day. 

Festival of the Lion King Location